Orange Hospital Redevelopment

Orange Hospital Redevelopment

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January 1, 1970
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The Orange Hospital project commenced on the 7th of December, 2007, and the delivery of the General Hospital located at Forest Road, Orange, NSW Australia was Milestone 2, was on the 16th of August ,2010, day 727.  Whilst the commissioning and the relocation from the old hospital to the new was completed on the 10th of March 2010.

LOCATION    :  Forest Road, Orange, NSW Australia

SERVICE         :  Project Planning, Scheduling, Cost Controls, Statusing, Project Controls, Meetings

VALUE             :  USD 178.5 million – PPP

SIZE                  :  190 beds

CLIENT           :  NSW Department of Health (Public Hospital)

TYPE                :  Healthcare


In early February 2008, design and construction works were delayed and subsequently halted to allow the “User Group” and stakeholders a greater say in changing the design and layout of the new hospital.

Constructability reviews were undertaken in order to understand the impact of these changes. The result was a significant delay. The changes of scope added another 207 days of additional works, which indicated that Milestone 2 would now be achieved in 2011, later than the contracted date of 2010. This was unacceptable to the N.S.W. Government as there was an upcoming election.

Additional buildability reviews and changes to design scope and additional resources provided by the contractor and sub-contractors lead to a significant price increase of 75%, which after intense negotiations was accepted by the Client.

The construction scope reviews and changes to the logic enabled practical completion to be achieved in 2009 and the commissioning and relocation from the old hospital to the new was completed by 2010.