Wellington Regional Hospital

Wellington Regional Hospital

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Medical Holding Company
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
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The Wellington Regional Hospital involved the refurbishment of existing facilities and the construction of a new main building including wards spread over 47,830 sq. m.  The rebuild included a new state-of-the-art 18-bed Intensive Care Unit, a new operating theater complex, and the uniting of medical & surgical wards into a single building.

LOCATION    :  New Zealand

SERVICE         :  Design Reviews with Architect, Services Consultants for Project Planning,, Scheduling

VALUE              :  USD 174.5 million

SIZE                   :  190 beds

CLIENT           :  C & CDHB NZ (Public Hospital)

TYPE                :  Healthcare


C & CDHB built a new regional hospital on the existing site known as the N.R.H. Project. The work program included the demolition of some of the older buildings, the refurbishment/upgrade of others and the construction of a new main building, including wards spread over 47,830 square meters. It is worth mentioning that a major feature of this project was the requirement to withstand severe earthquakes.

Kingston commenced the project in February 2014 and consisted of demolishing the existing building and building new facilities whilst the hospital was still continuing to operate.

Multiple changes in the building sequence occurred due to difficulties in access and the design scope being upgraded, causing some delays, which pushed back the 2008 agreed contractual completion date. However, there were several contracts that had to be maintained due to the complexity of construction. Reviews provided delivery solutions, and the completion of the major buildings was completed in December 2008, at the cost of NZ$265m and the hospital opened in 2009.

The newly named Wellington Regional Hospital has been built to withstand large earthquake shock waves using technology similar to that used in the construction of Te Papa, New Zealand’s National Museum.