Gatwick, South Terminal

Gatwick, South Terminal

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The challenge was to provide an incremental increase in the amount of terminal space to accommodate ever increasing passenger numbers without inconvenience to travels or loss of retail income during the construction.

LOCATION     :  Gatwick, UK

SERVICE          :  Case Management

VALUE               :  Confidential

CLIENT             :  British Airports Authority

TYPE                  :  Airport


As part of the overall upgrading of all passenger facilities at Gatwick Airport, due to the constantly increasing passenger numbers. We were asked to act as programme managers for British Airports Authority to advise them of the technical, commercial and financial feasibility of a series of projects targeting the extension and refurbishment of the air side lounges and associated facilities to add revenue streams where ever possible.

The project involved the development of a dedicated commercial space, a general merchandising strategy with associated business case that optimized the incremental retail income whilst ensuring that there was minimal disruption to the existing passengers, maintaining income streams throughout the period of the construction.