London Bridge Station

London Bridge Station

Investor Name:
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

LOCATION    :  United Kingdom

SERVICE         :  Transaction Management Consultancy

VALUE             :  $509,200,800

CLIENT           :  London Bridge Station

TYPE                :  Infrastructure


The major redevelopment of London Bridge Station includes: new concourse, re-alignment of platforms, new vertical connectivity via additional banks of lifts, escalators and staircases, renewal of train shed roofs, provision of 150,000 ft² of retail shopping center in under croft, reconfiguration of access to the London Underground tube stations and a transfer deck to accommodate a potential future 800,000 ft² of air rights office development.

Added value or tangible benefits generated: cost planning various options for upgrading the station with significant retail provision and air-rights mixed-use building over Lessons learned: this is likely to be one of the most complex schemes to implement in the UK and the primary lesson is the need to ensure that a sufficiently detailed appraisal of the implementation strategy is undertaken as the complex phasing and temporary works have a major impact on cost levels, programme timescales and risk allowances.