London Bridge Station

London Bridge Station

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The emblemed London Bridge Station with the help of Kingston underwent a major redevelopment of its operational and retail facility features.

LOCATION    :  United Kingdom

SERVICE         :  Transaction Management Consultancy

VALUE             :  $795,100,100

CLIENT           :  UK Department of Traffic

TYPE                :  Infrastructure


In 2012, the London Bridge Station underwent major redevelopment works which included a new concourse, the realignment of the platforms, a new vertical connectivity via lifts, escalators and staircases, the renewal of the train shed roofs, the provision of 150,000 ft2 of a retail shopping centre in the undercroft, the reconfiguration of the access to the London Underground tube stations and a transfer deck to accommodate a potential future air rights office development over a 800,000 ft2 plot.

That being said, the project was likely to become one of the most complexed schemes to be implemented in the U.K at the time.

Kingston’s added value and tangible benefits generated the cost planning of various options for upgrading the station with the significant retail provision and air-rights mixed-use building over lessons learned. The primary scope was to ensure that a sufficiently detailed appraisal of the implementation strategy was being undertaken, therefore complex phasing and temporary works significantly impacted the cost levels, the programme timescales, and the risk allowances.