R.A.F. Croughton Runway Refurbishment

R.A.F. Croughton Runway Refurbishment

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January 1, 1970
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The scope of the Runway Refurbishment of R.A.F. Croughton Runway Refurbishment in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom was to develop a new lightning system and build a new substation at night in order to avoid flight operational disruptions.

LOCATION    :  NATO Airbases

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TYPE                  :  Defense


Kingston worked with the civilian contractors to build a new substation to provide power to the new runaway lightning system and the construction and installation of a new approach lighting system (including the construction of new foundations and the erection of a new mast and lights).

Other works comprised the insertion of over 1000 new ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ light fittings into the existing runaway and resurfacing the entire length and width of the runaway to allow for heavy transports. As well as the remediation of the current runaway drainage system and land drainage to reduce the incidence of flooding, which might have become an attraction to birds.

In 2017, the complete works had to be undergone during nighttime in order to reduce the runaway’s downtime while keeping the bases operational.