Santubong Bridge

Santubong Bridge

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The bridge is 593 meters long with three primary spans, compromising of a 146 meters central navigation span flanked on every side by 81 meters and anchor spans. Its superstructure is a variable depth post-tensioned prestressed concrete box girder and carries a single 7.3-metre carriageway with a 1.5 footway on each side.

LOCATION    :  Malaysia

SERVICE         :  Construction Management

VALUE             :  USD 5 million

SIZE                  :  593 metres

CLIENT          :  Public Works Department

TYPE               :  Infrastructure


The special mention of the project was emphasizing the importance of including preliminary piles in a contract for a major bridge crossing, locating the bridge as one of the most significant load tests ever conducted on a pile over water in South-East Asia.

An exciting feature of the bridge was the use of precast concrete permanent formwork units in the construction of two large pile caps located in the inter-tidal zone of the Santubong River and the use of similar units in the construction of the 4 m deep fender protection beams around each of these pile caps.

In 1986, Kingston was responsible for the delivery of the Santubong Bridge.