The Gardens Office Complex

The Gardens Office Complex

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

“The Gardens” derives its name from both its location within Tripoli, and from the infusion of a variety of differing scaled garden spaces throughout the development these spaces exist within both the public and private realms.

LOCATION    :   Tripoli, Libya

SERVICE         :   Project Management

VALUE              :   Confidential

SIZE                    :   2,065,000 f²

CLIENT              :   LICO

TYPE                   :   Offices


The inspiration for the design is a traditional Libyan courtyard garden. The buildings on the site are carefully oriented around a large outdoor courtyard with intimate and shaded plazas. Sidewalks and plazas within will be vibrant with sidewalk cafes, restaurants, retail kiosks, outdoor seating, and water features. It is the interpretation of the best Tripoli has to offer.

Cars are allowed to enter the courtyard, and vehicle drop-off is provided at each building lobby, the emphasis at the ground level is on pedestrian activity. Parking is out-of-sight, located underground or behind the commercial spaces. Vehicular traffic is also slowed, in order to make the outdoor spaces safer for pedestrians and to create a quiet, enjoyable environment within the courtyard.