Allenby and Connaught PFI – MoD Project

Allenby and Connaught PFI – MoD Project

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The Allenby and Connaught PFI – MoD project ambitiously aimed to improve the overall quality of living and working of all its resident and personnel.

LOCATION      :   London and South East England

SERVICE           :   Transaction Management Consultancy

VALUE               :   USD 1,273,002,000 (USD 127,300,200 p/a)

CLIENT             :   Aspire Defense Limited

TYPE                  :   Defense


In 2006, Kingston acted as a cost consultant and project manager, providing life costing advice for Aspire Defense (Kellogg Brown & Root and Carillion) in order to compete the £1,000m redevelopment of the British Army’s Garrison around Salisbury Plain and Aldershot. The Allenby/Connaught project aimed to provide a modern living and working accommodation for more than 18,000 military and civilian personnel.

The significant elements of the project, for both the new build and the refurbishment, were:

  • Soldier’s and officer’s single living accommodations (10,000 units);
  • Dining and public facilities;
  • Office and conference spaces;
  • Training spaces;
  • Workshop and storage spaces (including munitions);
  • Medical facilities;
  • Community facilities;
  • Animal accommodations;
  • Telephone exchanges, fire stations, museums, and railheads;
  • Complete infrastructure.