KNPC, Al Zour Refinery Project (ZOR / NRP) & Clean Fuels Project

KNPC, Al Zour Refinery Project (ZOR/NRP) & Clean Fuels Project

Investor Name:
Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The Clean Fuels Project (CFP) is one of KNPC’s strategic projects aimed at upgrading and expanding the existing KNPC two refineries at Mina Abdulla and Mina Al-Ahmadi.

LOCATION     :   Kuwait

SERVICE          :   Project Management

VALUE               :   combined value over $32 billion

SIZE                     :   615,000 Barrels/Day

CLIENT              :   Kuwait National Petroleum Company

TYPE                    :   Oil & Gas


The Al Zour Refinery Project (ZOR/NFP) places a grass root refinery just south of Kuwait City with a total capacity of 615,000 barrels per day. Slated to be one of the world’s largest, fulfilling Kuwait Petroleum Corporation’s downstream strategy, the Refinery will supply low sulfur fuel (less than 1% compared to current 4% sulfur fuel) to the local power plants, significantly reducing pollutant emissions.

Provided guidance, support for developing Program management governance, internal assurance plans on ZOR and CFP. Developed project charter for Project Centre of Excellence. Provided technical advice and guidance for developing Project Performance Measurement and Monitoring System, Interface Plan, Work Breakdown Structure and Risk Management Plan for input to tender document for Project Management Consultant.