The Blue Tower

The Blue Tower

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The Blue Tower is a 72 floor (317 m) skyscraper located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

LOCATION     :   Dubai, UAE

SERVICE           :   Case Management Consultancy

VALUE                :   USD 150 million

SIZE                      :   317 m high

CLIENT               :   DIRE

TYPE                     :   Residential & Offices


The construction of the Blue Tower started in 2006, was designed by architect Al Hashemi and reached completion in 2010. The building is primarily of residential and secondarily of commercial use.  Blue tower was the second tallest residential building in Dubai and the fourth tallest residential building globally, with 454 residential apartments at the time of its opening.

In 2011, Kingston was awarded a case management consultancy contract by the Dubai International Real Estate (DIRE) for the Blue Tower claim against its contractor. Kingston prepared a “Rebutting Report” and “Counter Claim” against the contractor ‘s J.V. for a multi-million USD prolongation cost and extension of time claim.

Later on, in 2013, Kingston represented DIRE throughout the entire arbitration proceeding before the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commercial “I.C.C.” leading a strong team of specialists (Baker Botts, Navigant, Deloitte and J.L.L.).

Later on, in 2016, Kingston and the team, successfully rebut the contractor’s claims and won the counterclaim in favour of DIRE. Afterwards, Kingston recognized the I.C.C. Award in early 2018 and then enforced it against the contractor’s JV’s foreign parent under the high court of Hong Kong’s special administrative region court of first instance construction and arbitration.