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January 1, 1970
About Project

The North Caspian Project is the first major offshore oil and gas development covering five fields: Kashagan, Kalamkas-Sea, Kairan, Aktoty and Kashagan South West. The giant Kashagan field ranks as one most significant oil discoveries of the past four decades, with approximately 9-13 billion barrels (1-2 billion tones) recoverable oil.

LOCATION      :  Kazakhstan

SERVICE            :  Project Management

VALUE                 :  Phase One $65 billion (Total Project $150 billion)

SIZE                       :  1.5 Million Barrels/Day

CLIENT                :  North Caspian Operating Company (Kaz Munai Gas, ENI, Total, Exxon, Shell, Inpex, CNPC)

TYPE                     :  Oil & Gas


The Kashagan field is located in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea and extends over a surface area of approximately 75 kilometres by 45 kilometres. The Reservoir lies 4,200 meters below the shallow waters of the northern part of the Caspian Sea. The development of Kashagan is in the harsh offshore environment of the north part of the Caspian Sea and represents a unique combination of technical and supply chain complexity. The combined safety, engineering, logistical and environmental challenges make it one of the largest and most complex industrial projects currently being developed globally.

Kingston has developed performance measurement & monitoring since 2016, veneered, developed, implemented and operated a critical performance measurement & monitoring management system (KPI) for the $150B multi-phase offshore oil & gas development programme. The scope included process design, tool development and perfection, and staff development and training across an organisation integrating activities for up to 45,000 personnel during the project’s peak period.