R.A.F. Upper Heyford

R.A.F. Upper Heyford

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The R.A.F. Upper Heyford project consisted of the installation of an electronic fence around the weapons storage area and a complete general perimeter defense for the entire facility.

LOCATION   :  Upper Heyford, UK

SERVICE        :  Project Management

VALUE            :  Confidential

SIZE                  :  Confidential

CLIENT          :  USAF & RAF

TYPE               :  Defense


RAF Upper Heyford started its flight operations in July 1918 by the Royal Flying Corps and during World War II, it was used by many units of the R.A.F., mainly as a training facility.

During the Cold War, the Upper Heyford served as a base for the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command (S.A.C.) strategic bombers, later on as the United States Air Force base in Europe (U.S.A.F.E.) as well as the tactical reconnaissance, fighter and fighter-bomber aircraft base in the U.K.

In 2011, Kingston worked with the United States Airforce and the Royal Airforce on the survey and development of the electronic fence for the weapons storage area and general perimeter defence for the entire facility.