Water Supply & Transporting System, Misurata

Water Supply & Transporting System, Misurata

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The City of Misurata lies on groundwater extracted from a coastal aquifer (Al Siket, Timena, Al Filajh fields), the deep aquifer (Tawrgha field) and the desalinated water by the steel complex desalination plant.

LOCATION      :    Misurata, Libya

SERVICE           :   Construction Management

VALUE               :   Confidential

SIZE                     :   14 kms

CLIENT              :   ECOU, Libya

TYPE                   :   Infrastructure


The Water Supply and Transporting System project consisted of installing 2 ɸ 500 mm water transmission pipes initially and 1 ɸ 700 mm and 1 ɸ 800 mm at a later stage to transport groundwater from Al Siket main reservoir to city storage tanks for about 14 K.M.

During 2000, Kingston was responsible as project manager for putting together the engineering supervision and construction management team and ensuring that the facility was built to the standards set out by the owner and delivered within the set timescale and budget.