Liberty Stadium & Enabling Retail Development

Liberty Stadium & Enabling Retail Development

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

To provide funding for the sports and leisure project, an enabling commercial project was approved by the Government on the site of the old athletics facilities on the banks of the river Tawe.

LOCATION     :   Swansea, UK

SERVICE           :   Project Management

VALUE               :   USD 150 million

SIZE                     :  150,000 m²

CLIENT              :   Miller Developments

TYPE                    :  Mixed Use & Stadium


The City and Country Council of Swansea (CCCS) sought to demolish the old football and rugby stadia and replace them with one multi-purpose stadium, thereby releasing valuable housing land on the football stadium site. CCCS had insufficient funds to manage this development from within their own resources and only completed the development with the assistance and financial support of Miller Developments.The project was extremely complex in that it consisted of a number of elements, which were:

  • Football and Rugby combined stadium
  • Enabling Retail development
  • Upgrading local educational sports facilities
  • Local road and infrastructure upgrading Swansea