Redcliff Waste Water Treatment Plant

Redcliff Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

Redcliffe City is Queensland’s most densely populated local authority, with a population of over 50,000 residing within an area of only 37 square kilometers.

LOCATION : Australia

SERVICE : Transaction Management Consultancy

VALUE : USD 7.7 billion

CLIENT : Redcliffe City Council

TYPE : Infrastructure


Given its semi-urban nature, the city of Redcliff has historically been procuring some of its core services, including the supply of drinking water from neighboring municipalities. However, the city council collected the city’s wastewater and treated it according to secondary standards before licensed discharging it into the Moreton Bay.

In 1998, with an increasing community emphasis on minimizing the environmental pressures on Moreton Bay, the council decided to seek the support of an experienced specialist partner in the Australian water industry. The proposed role for this partner was to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment facilities in order to enhance the service standards and then to be able to assume the total responsibility for its operations for a fixed period of fifteen years.

Kingston led a competitive Public-Private Partnership (P.P.P.) process in order to assist the council in outsourcing these responsibilities and identify the party that could best meet the council’s needs.