The Peepul Centre

The Peepul Centre

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Published Date:
January 1, 1970
About Project

The women of Belgrave Baheno are widely accepted as visionary leaders in the field of community regeneration and the Peepul Centre Project is a natural evolution of their vision.

LOCATION     :   Leicester, UK

SERVICE           :  Development Management

VALUE                :  USD 50 million

SIZE                      :  20,000 m²

CLIENT               :  Belgrave Baheno

TYPE                    :  Community / Government


Belgrave Baheno is a community-based organization, which has sustained steady growth over 25 years with a membership of 5,000 women and girls. The aim of Belgrave Baheno is to address the needs of women and girls and in particular the needs of Asian women living primarily within the Belgrave area of Leicester.

Belgarve Baheno recognized that an over reliance of funding leads to short term thinking and diffusion of strategic intent and a dependency culture. The Peepul Centre model of community led regeneration represents an important practical opportunity to break the ‘begging bowl’ cycle of passive grant receiving. The Peepul Centre was the first example in the United Kingdom of a community led regeneration project and its progress was closely followed by the Government and European Union.